Testimonials for Rashani’s Intensives



Participating in Rashani’s 4 week intensive was the single most transformational experience of my life, and is the unwavering foundation upon which I am now building my dreams.


Lea Endres, program director, Worldlink Foundation


Participating in the intensive with Rashani was like looking at my soul with a magnifying glass. A time that invites, supports, reminds, and encourages, again and again, to return to a place of inquiry, a place of wonder, where true magic happens. We become aware of the lenses through which we see our life, and watch the stories that constrict our clear vision of reality organically dismantle, as we stay in the fire of the present moment together.


Rashani “holds space” for a group container that is intimate and transparent. Everyone’s processes mingle together and reflect valuable lessons for every individual. The collective and the personal become not two, and only the archetypal authentic growth remains, as the vivid creative spirit screams, cries, laughs, or sings through the person that finds what is real beyond brokenness.


I am fortunate to know Rashani for about 4 years now. What I continuously see is that, whether in an intensive, retreat, consultation or friendly chat while working on the land, there is a reliable consistency about Rashani and the depth of freedom she calls upon my soul to remember.


Rashani has 10,000 modalities to work with, yet shows up with a whole heart and zero expectations. She is as curious to discover the latent spirit hidden in the shadow of people’s preconceived misery, as they are curious to meet themselves, for the first time, every moment.


I recommend to anyone who can use some assistance in this earth walk to rediscover the spark in their soul, to connect with Rashani, and to dive together with her into the ocean of love and wisdom that is our birthright.


–Yoav Melamed, earth custodian & massage therapist


I came to this retreat believing I had tried to speak my truth many times and I leave knowing how often what I think is speaking my truth is just another didactic demand of my ego. I came believing my former husband and I could find healing and transformation, I leave knowing we have; beyond my wildest imaginings.


I came believing I wasn’t truly beloved. I leave knowing I am.


Rashani shows us how to live gracefully in our own skin and to drink the cup of our life without trying to fix, therapize, rationalize or use spiritual cosmetics to hide the disavowed aspects of our wholeness.


Helena Harris, Chaplain


What a simple and rare gift: to be encouraged to meet ourselves Just as we are, day after day. Through example, Rashani offered us a constant invitation to examine the mystery of each unfolding moment; to undo lifelong stories and to live in a state of sustained inquiry.


Bryan Feltham, Engineer


To be at Kipukamaluhia is to come back to one’s true nature through the revitalization of the body & spirit, reconnecting with the rhythms of nature and discovering the unconditioned mind.


Tatiana Berindei, Assistant Waldorf Teacher


When I arrived at this retreat/intensive I believed I was seeking peace. I believed I needed to be supported. I believed life was something that had to be worked on. I believed life is hard — no pain, no gain; that I just needed to find the energy to work harder. I believed I needed my mother to celebrate me, and my father to acknowledge me for who I am. I believed I needed to be ‘more’ for my kids. I believed I wasn’t enough just as I am.


As I leave Kipukamaluhia, I know that life isn’t only about work; it is okay to know that it can be effortless. I know that all the support I need is within myself and in the oneness. I know that the earth is a deeply sacred place and that I am connected to this sacredness. I know that in honoring this sacredness, I will always find joy. I know self-love is my greatest gift and that I am an abundance of love. I know that I am enough exactly as I am.


Ingrid Vanderschot, Earth steward and mother


Rashani’s wisdom and skill invited me moment to moment to see all of myself with the eyes of love and inclusiveness, welcoming and reclaiming every part of the dream of my life as a gift. I learned the cultivation of freedom and compassion through a commitment to inquiry, as she lovingly and masterfully guided me in following the thread of every thought, gesture, and symptom to my deepest truth. To share that immediacy with the support of a group, for the duration of 12 weeks, shedding the burdens of conditioning together, was a profound experience. In the beauty and magic of Kipukamaluhia and the sacred space of unconditioned presence held by Rashani, I touched the freedom of natural and authentic BEING. What a great revelation – the radically intimate practice of simply being present with life as it is. The true “living dharma.” For that gift I will always be deeply grateful.


Jennifer Bonadio, Certified Yoga Instructor


Rashani invites us to not be anybody, to die to all we so fiercely think we are. She invites us to observe everything with curiosity, to go inside, into the stillness and emptiness, into the roaring of the mind, into pure awareness, into our heart, our toes, into the unknown, the undefined, so that the universe of our being can rise, unencumbered by thoughts and offer its voice to the chorus of our totality. She hands us a microscope and an impeccable toolbox the way that mothers hand their children brown bag lunches to take to school. By example she shows us how to love the deep ecology of our humanness and the belovedness of being.


Lindsey Vona, Singer/songwriter


At Kipukamaluhia we receive teachings while tending the gardens and taking care of baby goats & sheep as well as during formal periods of self inquiry and sharing. There is no separation between “practice” and living. One discovers that the ‘awakened mind’ is none other than the natural mind, not enhanced by any glamor or fixations. The 12 week retreat allowed me to see my habitual patterns with curiosity and compassion instead of self hatred, to find new, undefended ways of relating, especially with my family, and opened me to the intricate, interconnected web of life. Participants have the opportunity to discover who they are beyond their broken identities and how to use everything as a doorway into deeper awareness.


Sonja Trier, Taekwondo martial artist

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani