I honor and praise the ancestors of this precious ‘aina. Those who honored the interdependence of all living things; who long ago worked this soil, planted many of these now ancient trees and built the original walls here; whose hands and feet, like mine, touched the same rocks and earth, day after day, and who watched the sun and moon rise and set from this particular place. Those who were perhaps as much in awe as I am every morning when I see Mauna Loa above the tree line; whose eyes, like mine, watched with perhaps the same wonderment the slow-moving clouds covering Mauna Loa by mid-day… The guardians of Kipukamaluhia who listened to the song of the ocean, drank in the light of the sun, moon and stars and felt the trade winds as they moved through these particular fields and trees. I bow with reverence to those whose presence I feel strongly and whose dreams are mysteriously inseparable from the songs of the wind and ocean, the birds, geckos, and crickets, the cries of the wild pig and pueo and in the silence of every stone.

Between May, 2003 and May, 2009 the following people have offered their time and energy, skills, humor, wisdom, insights, knowledge, sensitivity and respect for the co-creation of Kipukamaluhia. I am deeply grateful to all of you whose lives are interwoven into this exquisite place. Without your ongoing support I could not have completed the enormous, long-term projects which took nine years to complete. Your love and encouragement inspired me to keep holding the vision and continue to be part of the vibrancy of this land. You have each given of yourselves in unique ways and I am honored to have created this sanctuary with all of you. What an amazing journey we have shared:

Lindsey, Sonja, Ra-om, Matta, Jarin, Irene, Wade, Amy, Tula, Vancie, Sandy, Charlotte and Rene, Jim, George and Jessica, Andy, Peggy, Stewart, Liam, Ingrid, Do’a, Lyman, John Mark, Dale, Eleanor, Gaishida, Sattway, Matt, Kaethe, the busload of students from Lesley college, Vanessa, Amanda, Caroline, Ann Marie, Daphne, Warren, Scott, Jack, Matthew, Kaitlin, Travis, Primo, Kuwé, Julia, Tao, Jessica, Ken, Alex, John, Mac, Redwolf, Sarah, Russel, Arly, Sunny, Gary, Herk, Seth, Jim, Kate, Cynthia, Tomoko, Mette, Tatiana, Connie, Chuck, Jo, Steen, Jennifer, Siv, Johanna, Jessie, Susan, Su, Brian, Greg, Sarah, Bryan and Don, Nicole, Randy, Rachael, Sylvia, Desmond, David, Meredith, Maggi, Lisa, Megan, Grethe, Spike, Nina, Hrieth, Shakti, Kai, Anthony, Gabrielle, Aaron, James, Bernice, Laci, Hsin*i, Rosita, Kayt, Osella, Deborah, Suzanna, Renate, Helena, Paul, Tai, Joshua, Andy, Casey, Kelly, Tara, Heather, Patrick, Joseph Mc, Kayt, Suzan, Ingrid, Cathy, Elvis, Christine, Dolph, Steve, Buddy, Justin, Carmen, Cyrus, Ildi, Sharon, Selvy, Maggie, Holly, Jane, Cheryl, Aura, Shannon, Freddy, Priscilla, Donna, Marcelina, Melissa, John, David, Gail, Jen, chef Joseph, Jaelle and Susan.

I especially want to thank Lindsey and Sonja who were here at the beginning, during the most difficult times, when we were moving truckloads of gravel, soil and rocks, pickaxing guinea grass for hours and hours at a time, planting hundreds of trees and building the first structures. Thank you for your love and devotion to this ‘aina.


Also, thanks to those who have taken the photographs which appear on this website:

Tao, Sonja, Lindsey, Evan, Grethe, Donna, Mette, Ann Marie, Pia, Doathéa, Lisa and Rob.

Thanks also to Ruth who so patiently and skillfully put together the previous, to Shannon for designing and creating the Earthsong website, and to Anthony, Jeremy and Amanda who designed and created the first website. And overflowing gratitude to Wahkeena Sitka who has created the new version 2012.

Special thanks to Linda and Donna Grimes for the truck-loads of plants and trees which they have joyously given over the years and to Michael Sisk, for the thousands of Hawaiian green Ti plants that he has generously donated to Kipukamaluhia.

And my daily gratitude to the many animals with whom we share this land.


"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani