True Golden Sand


True Golden Sand is a collection of collages by Rashani Réa, which she began in 1988, shortly after meeting Thich Nhat Hanh. It also includes dharma songs and a beautiful introduction by Rashani, as well as exquisite forewords by Nel Houtman and Dorothy Hunt and a preface by Joel and Michelle Levey.


Just as Vietnamese folk songs served as a container of remembered love, sustaining a war ravaged people, Rashani Réa has crafted a container of 108 pages of received wisdom and tribute to one of the world’s great exemplars, Thich Nhat Hanh; to remind us of our true nature and to take refuge in this miraculous moment!”


– Shannon Pernetti

Archetypal Pattern Analyst


“This crystalline collection of evocative images and luminous words will give wings to your spirit, and fill your whole being with gladness.”


– Edie Hartshorne

Musician, Author of Light in Blue Shadows


“I first heard Rashani sing her moving songs in Plum Village during the June, 1992 retreat in Plum Village. At that time I also discovered the beautiful cards she created with her collages and Thay’s wisdom. Over the 23 years since then my Dharma friends have received the steady stream of Rashani’s cards written during subsequent Plum Village retreats. What a joy it is to see Rashani’s songs and cards collected in this beautiful book, a loving tribute to Thay, to his teaching, and to life.”


– Richard Brady

Dharma Teacher and co-editor for Tuning In: Mindfulness in Teaching and Learning


“To honor the creations of Rashani Reá, I enter the silence between the Master’s words. For it is not just Thay’s words, but the fertile muddy emptiness between them that her art marvelously embodies, formlessness in formed. Her collages give life to the ancient Tibetan saying, ‘Void engenders compassion.’ Her richness reminds us that the void is not nothing. It is the embrace that catches us as we fall through the window of her collage. It is the womb, the loam from which the lotus springs, the cipher of infinity, the hollow of a lung engorged with a breath of gratitude, the grief of the heart-wounded soldier, the open mouth of the homeless mother whose child has been taken away. O do not mistake this silence for merely not crying out! The spaciousness of Rashani’s collage is the source of creation. Thank you, Thay, for gifting us with a daughter of the Buddha.”


– Alfred K. LaMotte

Interfaith Chaplain, author of Wounded Bud: Poems for Meditation


“For many of us we are so used to words that it is hard to still our minds long enough to allow words to settle into us like seeds slowly nesting into moist soil. How good of Rashani to give us a little help. In this book, she has taken for her text, a distillation of grace from the words of the living Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. By placing sometimes only a phrase, sometimes several sentences into a mind-resting collage, she has created a contemporary version of a visual altar. Each image entices you to rest in it. It feels almost like a disservice to turn the page only to find yourself once more allowing your mind to contemplate the juxtaposition of words, colors, forms and shapes. This book is more than a gift; it is a kindness.”


– James Fadiman

Novelist and researcher

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani