The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation

A gorgeous collaboration with Francis Weller, author of The Wild Edge of Sorrow. This book consists of 108 stunning collages by Rashani, accompanied by six chapters, written by Francis.

There are two versions of this book: one which has the collages back to back and “A Journaling Edition,” which has nearly 100 blank pages, for those who want to add their insights and reflections.


The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation is a piece of sacred, existential art: The art of incisive words that beckon us to deep contemplation and the art of symbols and images that invoke movement of the mind and heart. Page by page, this movement is a blessing to those courageous ones broken by loss who are willing to turn into that exigent space. It is a space that implores our exploration, yet it is a space our culture eagerly and explicitly discourages out of fear.


What Weller and Réa do so exquisitely is support the reader, gently, while providing life-sustaining guidance into the darkest corners of loss wherein the magic of transfiguration, born of suffering, exists. Captivating and wise, this lodestar book is a gift for the existentialist’s heart, one that the reader will visit and revisit ad infinitum, as grief ebbs and flows. These readings will never wane in their impact. Rather, they will maturate and heighten our practice over time and upon meditation.


–Dr. Joanne Cacciatore

Associate professor, traumatic grief counselor, researcher,
author of Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief


“Read this book as a Bible, a prayer, a trembling and tender and profoundly resilient testimony. Approach it with the suffering shell of yourself, as a starving person, as a learner, a lover, and a friend. Read this book through your tears. I read it through mine; in this feast of beauty unearthed from wells of great suffering, Rashani Réa and Francis Weller offered me the nourishment of what my soul already knew, and knows, and keeps forgetting and remembering. Read this book to re-member yourself, to lose yourself, and to re-member yourself again. But above all, read it and keep it handy as a sort of pocket mirror when dread, drudgery, loss, sorrow, and rage blind you to what is available to you. Here. And now.”


–Sharon Heath

Jungian analyst, author of The History of My Body and Tizita


“As grounded as it is mystical, The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation is a soulful, penetrating guide for those traversing the mapless terrain of grief and loss. Rashani Réa and Francis Weller, both compassionate authorities known for their revolutionary work and healing presence, have extracted the essence of the divine and complex human experience into a brilliant Masterwork that quietly astonishes. It is a transmission from the heart of Illumination. Sacred yet practical, it attends the emotional life of the bereaved at every stage throughout the grieving process—and beyond.


May this book find its way into the hands and hearts of everyone who is suffering and those whose lives have been broken open by tragedy, illness, and loss. May it be made available to every hospice worker, caretaker, healthcare provider and family member of the terminally ill, to those who have experienced loss of any kind, and to those who—knowingly or unknowingly—carry unattended sorrow.”


–Marie Clare Schultheis

Intuitive and ‘Soul Songs’ pianist


“This book is a masterful synthesis of sacred, eloquent creativity by two contemporary visionary-bodhisattvas. The Threshold Between Loss and Revelation infuses our lives with an immediate sense of perspective—deeper than, and beyond, conceptual understanding.”


–Aura Wright

Founder of Holistic Resources Foundation

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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani