Shimmering Birthless

Another exquisite book by Rashani Réa, known internationally for her stunning collages. “Shimmering Birthless” is a unique collection, incorporating the poetry of Alfred K. LaMotte, a well-loved poet from Washington!

These are poems that weave heaven and earth, body and soul, lover and beloved together with the colored threads of joy and tears. A tender and rich collection with beautiful illustrations by Rashani Réa.”


– Roger Housden

Best-selling author of the Ten Poems to Change Your Life series


“I will return to drink from this life-giving spring time after time. Here you will find truths from the source of life itself pouring into an oasis of eternal beauty. Here is rest and nourishment for all who travel that spiritual path which is its own destination. Every page is an invitation to see you are already home.”


– Gloria Lee

Editor of The Nonduality Highlights


“I have always been inspired by the elegance of Rashani Réa’s visual arts and Alfred LaMotte’s nourishing poetry of the heart. When I saw both of them merging here in this book as one sweet utterance of the beloved, I grew completely speechless because the intensity and timeless quality of their offerings took away all the words I have learned.”


– Guthema Roba

Author of Wake Up and Roar: Poetry for Meditation and Awakening


“With staggering immediacy, Rashani’s images capture the breath, the spirit of Alfred K. LaMotte’s poetry. They pierce my heart and my defenses and quicken true wakefulness. Rashani’s exquisite designs bring alive the subtle meanings buried between and within the words of the poems.”


– Dorothy Fadiman



“I am completely enthralled, as the buoyant dance of these illuminated words and the magnificent designs that partner them, unfurls, one balletic, exquisite step after another. Shimmering Birthless is a sublime collaboration of wisdom and beauty; how does the poet channel such wisdom—and how does the artist create such beauty? Surely both by the Grace of the Unseen Hand. I shall savor each filament, fiber, and thread, caught up in a spun-gold web of remembering what my heart has always longed to express, if it could… just this, just these. Deep gratitude for the songs and the movement found here, inside the glorious light.”


– Aile Shebar

Writing facilitator, Compassionate Coach & Editor

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani