Moonlight on a Night Moth’s Wing

Surely one of Rashani’s most beautiful books! A unique collaboration of two mystics.

“When two great sacred artists fuse their inspirations and souls to create a book like this, the universe rejoices. It’s a classic and will last as long as the human heart. Please buy it and give it to everyone you know.”


– Andrew Harvey

Writer, poet, teacher, mystic; Founder and director, Institute of Sacred Activism


“Great mystics and poets can reach into the primordial void and draw forth light—a light that fills the void within us. Dorothy’s equisite words woven together with Rashani’s stunning visual images provide the perfect RX for the weary soul…”


– Estelle Frankel, MFT

Author of Sacred Therapy: Jewish Spiritual Teachings on Emotional Healing and Inner Wholeness




“As eloquently expressed in one of the poetry excerpts in this book, “Forget everything you know and open.” The poetry and beautiful collages in this book make opening so easy. There is something magically simple and powerful when concise, heart-felt, divine poetry and art merge together to awaken the reader like this. This book is devoid of the heavy intellectual or even practical talk around awakening. It bypasses the mind’s inability to understand how simple and beautiful it is to just BE. Thanks for this book, Rashani and Dorothy. It’s an excellent contribution and will surely reach many people in that field where understanding fails and the heart opens.”


– Scott Kiloby


“This is not a book. It is an entrance to an ancient forest when darkness is falling, the only light is from other galaxies. It is a whispered invitation to journey with gifted mystics who are intimate with the divine, who ask of you only to “forget everything you know and open.” The poems are “a single note from a struck Tibetan bell,” a summons to stop, be still and listen. The collages are illuminated manuscripts of organic textures, a handmade paper from spider web lace, scraps of leaves and feathers. Say yes, leave everything behind, you will not miss it.”


– Gloria Lee

Editor of The Nonduality Highlights


“Rashani’s collages are as artful as Life’s own. Together, like dew on a leaf, they reflect all that is, calling us into the deep pleasure of Being.”


– Pamela Wilson

who shares Satsang


“I am moved a thousand times again when I read a book put together by two beautiful human beings, Rashani Réa and Dorothy Walters. It is like looking at the full white moon in the night sky and then when you gaze inside your being, the moon is in your own heart as yourself. This is not just a book of poetry, it is the courage to rise and merge with the pulse of the universe.”


– Guthema Roba

Author of Wake Up and Roar: Poetry for Meditation and Awakening


“Beauty and Truth converge like moonlight on a night moth’s wing, shimmering through the words and images of this book, stirring the heart, stopping the mind, mysteriously consenting to be captured in form for this timeless moment. May those who have the ears to hear, hear—the eyes to see, see!”


– Kirtana

Recording artist, singer and writer of songs that explore the Truth of who we are

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani