Rashani’s visual koans are superb. This interweaving of memoir and art is deeply moving. Sixty-four beautiful collages are interwoven here with poetry and prose by a truly gifted artist!

Collage making is the process of finding, gathering, and repurposing those things in our lives that speak to us, that engage us in a generative conversation; something new and not previously imagined by the world arises. The collages within these pages are not art, they are craft. They are Rashani’s masterful way of bringing something useful into our everyday lives.”


– Jamie K. Reaser

Author of Note to Self: Poems for Changing the World from the Inside Out


“This weave of wisdom and beauty is a spiritual banquet! Savor each page slowly and fully, and return again and again.”


– Tara Brach, Ph.D.

Author of Radical Acceptance


“In her signature way of working with words, collage, stories and pure awareness, Rashani Réa offers us a set of seamless vistas that exquisitely reveal the interpenetration of timelessness, nature, luminosity and words. Mahalo is a literary and visual composition that takes us on a contemplative journey into the heartlands of the mystic masters. The gentleness and love with which Rashani reveals pure presence is unique and irresistible. I recommend that you savor her deep vision whenever you can.”


– Peter Fenner, Ph.D.

Author of Radiant Mind and Natural Awakening


“This book is a moving testament to life’s beauty and wisdom. Through both words and deeply nourishing images it takes you straight to the heart of life…”


– Mary O’Malley

Author of What’s In the Way IS the Way


“Rashani Reá’s art recalls the most ancient wisdom traditions that integrate the visual cortex and verbal cortex of the brain, creating waves of wholeness in body and soul. Word, visual image, and healing color unite in her collages. They are windows to the infinite. They remind me not only of the greatest Taoist and Zen masterpieces, where landscape and calligraphy rest in the same space, but of stained glass in the great cathedrals of Europe, where every form is illuminated by transcendent light. As our gaze flows through these portals, page after page, we move through veils of wonder into peace. This is transforming art.”


– Alfred K. LaMotte

Author of Wounded Bud


“What an amazing book! This is an invitation to deep states of samadhi…”


– Juju of Ka`u



“…In writing briefly of her own life and work, it is clear that Rashani’s expressions are richly informed by her oneness with the natural world, her understanding and compassion for those who have suffered grief or injustice, and her deep devotion to Truth. Mahalo is indeed an offering of immense gratitude to the Mystery illuminating every page.”


– Dorothy Hunt

Spiritual Director, Moon Mountain Sangha


“This is a truly lovely book! Each one of these collages is a meditation waiting to happen. Each page inspires a new thought, a new insight, and sometimes a deeper silence. Interspersed among her vibrant collages, Rashani Réa offers us snippets of biography, personal insight, poetry, and observations along the creative journey. We glimpse through her eyes how the formless clothes itself in form and shape, color and word… This book belongs on your altar or nightstand, ready to be opened and savored in your quiet moments.”


– Ivan M. Granger

Founder of the Poetry Chaikhana website

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani