In Praise of Love

Decades ago Rashani created a series of note cards using lyrics from my songs. I was honored and pleased with the results — especially since the lyrics she chose were woman identified and in some cases clearly expressions of lesbian love. This was not something that Hallmark was providing! Now, years later, she republishes her book, In Praise of Love, as a reminder that coming out is not a done deal. Perhaps easier for some now than then but all over the world, including in this self proclaimed democracy, the confession of a woman loving a woman is still seen as a crime, a danger to the powers that be. And so may this simple declaration from the pen of Rashani still find the hearts to which it longs to speak.


– Holly Near

Singer/cultural activist


“In a nation and a world that feels so heartbreakingly divided, where anger has fanned fear-flames and scorched our beloved earth with hatred, Rashani offers us an oasis where we can breathe again. While everything we hear on the news bears witness that “They want to conquer the universe and dissect the soul…” Rashani’s gentle Dove poses her wise question, “How can one achieve wholeness with such a destructive goal?” This beautiful poet reminds us to reclaim our innocence and harness the transformative power of “the alchemy of Love.” Within the covers of this beautiful book, we are invited to let Love dissolve the divisive boundaries that we have imagined: race, gender, religion, sexuality, social mores. Through her exquisite artistry Rashani seems to echo the voice of the great 13th century Persian poet, Rumi, as she opens a doorway to “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what [and whom] you really love.” In Praise of Love is a Gift of Hope and Healing for troubled times and troubled hearts everywhere.”


– Rebecca Braden

International coach and consultant


“Rashani has a unique and potent gift to take the raw material of life and distill it into a precious and sacred offering. She has done just that in her tender and moving work, In Praise of Love. While reading and viewing the art of the gentle story of the dove and the ladybug, we discover the vulnerable and undefended self through their exploration of loving. An unlikely pair, they remind us that knowledge without love is useless; opening our hearts is the only way to crack fully open to divine grace. Shining her gift of vision and art, Rashani continues to inspire the journey of love in all its forms.”


– Katalin Koda

Author of Fire of the Goddess and Sacred Path of Reiki

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani