I Can Hear Her Breathing

I have yearned for a confirmation of the love and deep insight that Facebook sharing can inspire. In this unique book, Rashani acknowledges the anthropological miracle of what is happening here.


Like a gateway through a rainbow of textures, colors, lights, hidden images, and words that beg to be savoured again and again, the devotional journey of this book brings us back to our sameness, joy and suffering, empathy and justice, as the words of the householder and the monastic comingle. We are online together. In these potent times we are experiencing a phenomena of this virtual platform for Spirit, the ineffable, riding to the hearts of any human being, at every possible moment.


This is bizarre; many people comment how we are “weirded out” and yet it’s profoundly perfect. This now normal mode of communication has been long awaited and predicted as the transcendent Overmind of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo—and the Noosphere of José Argüelles. In this field of the Facebook forum, we play bodhisattva bingo, until we all win! What a marvelous time to be a human!  Thank you Rashani for finding poetry amidst the rubble, and assuring us that love and the Great Mystery are alive and well.”


–Mika Kiburz

video creatrix, sacred clown, steward, lover, dreamer, teacher, student, sevadar 


“Sublime Prayers for the Wheel of Life! During her extraordinary life journey, Rashani has created healing sanctuaries on the land by weaving nature, art, ritual, and community. Along the same pathless way, through image, poem and song, she has shaped healing sanctuaries for the heart.


Now she has gifted us again with I Can Hear Her Breathing: A Prayer Wheel of Images and Words. Touch this book. Softly. Open the realms of wonder within. Immerse and merge with sensations of wisdom. Deeply, breathe the peace that flows throughout these pages, and through all things. Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.”


–Michael Fleck

Sacred Tours in Aotearoa/New Zealand


“Friends, whether or not this is your first encounter of Rashani Réa’s deep wanderings and discoverings of our One Heart through exquisite collages and clear, poignant and pointed quotes, I Can Hear Her Breathing: A Prayer Wheel of Images and Words, it is a beautifully fresh beginning for discovering more deeply the true alignment of our collective oneness in our grieving, celebrating, striving, uprising, resisting and bowing down; and miraculously—through Facebook itself—touches, supports and continues to bring and hold us together, alivening our self-expression and creativity.


To be able to see, feel and taste the essence of, and share in, our sisters’ and brothers’ blessings and burdens, joys and sorrows, successes and defeats through social media while miles apart is both mind boggling and healing. That we honor and bear witness to one another’s testimonies with presence, compassion and love in what we share and confess on our pages, even in such times as these when heartbreak and loneliness can be so overwhelming. Yet we know that our aloneness and belonging are one, just as we belong to each other and to the world; and that life is ever watchful and present and here for us to embrace in the coming home to ourselves and each other exactly as we are. Thank you, Rashani, for this gift of love, which for me is another testimony to life’s true, faithful and unhindered ways of calling, holding and growing us all together including through Facebook…whoever and wherever we are.”


–Alice C. Hall

Fellow Pilgrim in life



“I am new to Rashani Rea’s boundless creativity and look forward to the pleasure of seeking out her other books, music and art. I Can Hear Her Breathing is an open door to Remembering Who We Are and an invitation to drink deeply from the sweet, life-giving Waters of Life.


Even when Life is hectic and I seem to only have a moment, I hold this beautiful book and let it open randomly (perfectly) to words and art that touch my Mind, Body and Spirit.  It is my privilege to put Rashani’s books in my waiting room, that they may bless my patients and clients too. Thank you, Rashani, for these blessings and pathways to Our True Selves and Greater Understanding.”


–Katherine Shizue Yeshe Wangmo Yano

physical therapist and healing arts practitioner


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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani