An Unfolding Of Love

This deeply gorgeous and touching collection takes us on a journey of living and dying and all the precious moments of relationship in between. It is a journey into the labyrinth of a mother’s heart…a heart that has learned to transmute loss into Grace…and the celebration of art and beauty. I can hear the devotional songs between the lines, feel the joy of truth beyond stories in every poem. Rashani’s tribute to her son is a tribute to love eternal.


– Jennifer Bonadio

Yoga teacher and friend


“There is no greater role in the world than to be a mother. To embody a life, bring it forward and nurture it to bloom into the world. To experience the connection between mother and child and this mysterious gift called unconditional love. A love that exists without borders, labels, expectations, or worldliness. A pure and simple love that carries such a great and majestic force.


Yet the role of mother is forever taken for granted as we mature and become forgetful moving into the working ways of the world. It’s as if we know this incredible devoted love from another perspective, an inward one that is beyond what we see, like a secret cosmic mother who has trained us to expect this love.


In An Unfolding of Love, which was originally created for her son, Rashani Réa fully embodies the mother principle in her ability to flow from the heart in a deep, tender and powerful way. She lovingly leads us back towards non conceptual understanding, which lies beyond the written word. Rashani pours her gentle rain of healing-wisdom over us to leave us refreshed, with a knowing that we have arrived and there is an inward seat for us by her fire.


– Kel Rae

"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani