Always Choose Love

With her genius for collage and her pick of stunning quotes from the deep and wonderful heart of Rumi, Rashani has created a collection of moments that opened my heart and reminded me that within every being, there shines the same clear light. Thank you for this cascade of gifts.”


– James Fadiman

Novelist, researcher and co-editor of Essential Sufism

“Turning the pages of this book is like lifting layers of tissue paper to reveal gifts within gifts. What Rashani is able to do, with her ability to see beyond what is visible, is capture the fleeting essence of a moment, then create an image that reflects the spirit of that moment. Then, she skillfully places the words onto the image so that the image, the words and the spirit of the message merge, and lift off the page, piercing the reader’s heart. Darkness is released and spills out from that open wound, composted into nothingness. And without a moment’s hesitation…Light pours in. Rashani’s gift is to see a Truth, create an image that embodies the essence of that Truth and put them all together. Each page of this book does that.”


– Dorothy Fadiman


"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani