In 1982 Rashani started a publishing company, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She published more than a dozen books, two of which were illustrated by Tao, her seven-year-old son. Although the books completed their print run over the years, a few of them are now available as eBooks.


My Bird Has Come Home (© 1962)

A collection of sumi-e brush paintings and poems, this is Rashani’s first of many books, created when she was eight, nine and ten years old.

My Bird Has Come Home reminds us of the ordinary miracles of life. It invites us to remember the greatest gifts that we often overlook in our busy, hurried lives. This book brings us to the world seen through the eyes of a child —so beautiful in its simplicity— consecrated and endless. Each page is embedded with delight and beauty.

This inspiring book reminds us to honor the many miracles that are everywhere around us.

40 pages. Price: $9.99


May every library of every English speaking school obtain a copy of this sweet and inspiring book! Children need to be reminded to see the beauty in nature and to deepen their relationship with ordinary miracles.


Mabel Wilson



In Praise of Love (© 1971)

This charming book is a dialogue between a dove and a ladybug, discussing the virtues of love.

Ladybug to the Dove: “I’m very small and my knowledge is too. To acquire your feeling what can I do? Is there a potion for feeling like this? Or must one have knowledge to attain such bliss?”

Knowledge is nothing,” the dove gently cooed. It’s merely an odor that people exude. Man must be crazy, his head an empty bowl! He wants to prove immortality of the soul…”

For adults or children, this hand-lettered book will leave you with a feeling of calmness and wonder.

17 pages. Price: $5.99


This sweet story invites us to open to receiving love and in this opening we transcend external and internal limitations.


Elfi Shaw




Present Moment, Colorful Moment (© 1977)

Sharing Present Moment Awareness with Children

Accompanied by Rashani’s delicate drawings, this is a another hand-lettered story, about a little boy who discovers several of nature’s surprises while walking in the countryside.

It also explains the use of “gathas,” which are short verses (used in Buddhism) in order to help one dwell in mindfulness. Ideal for children who enjoy coloring books and learning about plants & trees. Also a lovely, simple introduction to “present moment awareness.” Present Moment, Colorful Moment includes sixteen drawings and twelve simple gathas.

26 pages. Price: $8.99


We recite gathas silently throughout the entire day to help us attend to the present moment… We often become too busy that we forget what we are doing or even who we are.


Thich Nhat Hanh

My children loved reciting these short “gathas” and spent hours carefully coloring in each page. I highly recommend this book for parents and teachers! This is a beautiful reminder how simple it is to return to the present moment, while resting in awareness with our children.

Jonathon Irwin




Tao and the Moon (© 1982)

Taoism for children, Alternative children's stories, Children's eBooks

Tao and the Moon has been called “Taoism for Children.” It is a wonderful alternative for parents who want a story with a rich meaning, which lasts much longer than the story itself.

In the poem, a little boy goes outside looking for a friend. In his search, he meets the moonlight reflected on the water. Absorbed by the presence of the light, Tao forgets his outer search and begins dialoguing with the moonlight. Instead of finding a friend this curious little boy discovers “his way.”

17 pages. Price: $5.99




This delightful book is a collaboration between a mother and son, inspiring other parents to co-create beauty and meaning with their children. From a young age we are taught to look outside for answers, and for love, and this story gently undoes the conditioned mind and leaves the reader touched by moonlight and truth.


Rebecca Williams 



Can You Draw a Shooting Star? (© 1982)

A Child’s Experience & Expression of Loss

This is another mother-son collaboration, which invites children to cry when sad and to rejoice when happy; to experience the fluidity of emotion without judgment or denial. Can You Draw a Shooting Star? is a wonderful gift for any child who is discovering impermanence through the absence of a loved one and who needs a loving reminder about the naturalness of emotions.

(This book also serves as “preventative medicine,” as it is widely known that children who are able to express their grief are less likely to become traumatized.)

20 pages. Price: $7.25


This book was of tremendous value for my third and fourth grade students! By hearing Rashani’s words and seeing Matthew’s drawings the children were gently encouraged to share what they had previously kept hidden and were often afraid of expressing. By drawing their feelings, and seeing the drawings of their friends, the intensity lessened and sometimes vanished completely. 


Shirley Davidson



The Time of Transformation is Here (© 1986)

All of the words in this book have been channeled through Pat Rodegast from her guide, Emmanuel.

They came from talks given in 1985. The original book was printed in 1986 by Magic Circle Printing in New York City. Rashani had spent a weekend with Ram Dass, who was friends with Pat, and one morning he shared with Rashani some of Pat’s recorded channelings.

Touched by Emmanuel’s message, Rashani began taking notes and by evening she had several pages of quotations. With Pat’s permission, she hand-lettered some of the quickly-scribbled notes with the intention of printing a small book.

24 pages. Price: $8.99


I have had the opportunity to get to know Emmanuel’s teachings and as a psychologist I have realized that it does not matter how Pat is able to communicate these teachings because the truth and intuitive validity of what Emmanuel says is what really matters. He has a certain charm, warmth and humor that has made me treasure him as a friend. So whether that information is coming from the deepest part of Pat or from another being or from the highest one that lies beyond all forms it does not matter; as long as it helps guide us home.

Ram Dass

Seeing Rashani’s free-flowing hand-lettering expressing Emmanuel’s clear wisdom brings joy, an inner smile and tears of gratitude! This book is a marvelous gift.


Cynthia McDermott



Poems and Collages by Rashani (© 2005)

Love Poems and Poems of Awakening

This collection of poems was written between 2001 and 2005. The collages were created between 1988 and 2001.

Graced by the rapture of the Beloved, the emptiness of the Buddha dharma and the mystery of dreams, I have come to experience an invisible marriage in which dualistic concepts and labels dissolve (and reappear when they do.) … Divine/human, aversion/attraction, self/other. These are often conceptualized as opposites. When they are experienced as one, Dreamtime is penetrated by clockocracy, and visa versa, and one enters timeless, non dual awareness. All that remains is a river of Being.”   –Rashani

28 pages. Price: $9.99


Through her writing and art, Rashani has a unique way of transmitting a peaceful alignment with the universe, a deep serenity, through which we effortlessly remember love and beauty.


Noelani Rodriguez



Beyond Brokenness (©2009)

From the forward by Mirabai Starr:  “In Beyond Brokenness, Rashani has found the language—the language of words, of rhythm, of image and color, the language of love—to convey and celebrate the Great Mystery. Rashani knows how to get out of her own way and let the beauty come through her.” 

After publishing “The Unbroken” Rashani received numerous letters, phone calls & emails thanking her for this poem. Touched by each missive, she began a “non-writing practice,” based on wu wei, the art of non-doing. Beyond Brokenness is the culmination of this daily non-writing experiment and is about the genesis of this mysterious poem,  written in December, 1991, during the darkest lunation of her life.

287 pages. Price: $14.99


This book is a chronicle and testimony for our capacity to enter into the pain of being human, without resistance, and emerge, again and again, into a state of nondual awareness… Rashani takes our soul in her hands and shows how we can move from the depths of despair to a place of immutable wholeness.


Peter Fenner

In clarity, precision, honesty, and strength, which are rooted in the infinite, Rashani illustrates the twilight zone of the experience of knowing our true nature. In a milieu where even spiritual writers are influenced by the Hollywood happy ending—in their domain, it’s called enlightenment—Rashani presents a clear, gemmed, and fiercely independent voice… She transforms dualism, both the beauty and the ugly, into oneness of being.

Smadar De Lange

This is a book from the deep that finds light not by seeking light, but by letting go into darkness…  a beautiful, powerful, gorgeous song of life and death.

Joan Tollifson



"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani