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Wendell Berry
Ecosattva Card #16
"True solitude is found in the wild places,
where one is without human obligation.

One's inner voices become audible.
One feels the attraction of one's most intimate
sources. In consequence, one responds more
clearly to other lives.

The more
coherent one becomes
within oneself as a creature,
the more fully one enters into
the communion of all

-Wendell Berry
This beautiful collection of Ecosattva cards consists of sixteen cards,
which are 4.25 x 5.5" in diameter and come in a 4.75 x 6.5" envelope.
They can be used as altar cards or  sent as postcards.  These cards
are not sold individually it's sold as a set.

The set sells for $9.95 plus $5.90 postage.
Discounts are available for more than ten sets~
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Ecosattva Cards Collection


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