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John Seed
Ecosattva Card #15
"When humans
investigate and see through their
layers of anthropocentric self-cherishing,
a most profound change in consciousness begins to take place.
Alienation subsides. The human is no longer an outsider,
apart. Your humanness is then recognized as being merely the
most recent stage of your existence, and as you stop identifying ex-
clusively with this chapter, you start to get in touch with yourself as
mammal, as vertebrate, as species only recently emerged from the rain-
forest. As the fog of amnesia disperses, there is a transformation in your relationship to other species, and in your commitment to them. What is described here should not be seen as merely intellectual. The intellect
is one entry point to the process outlined, and the easiest one to com-
municate. For some people however, this change of perspective fol-
lows from actions on behalf of Mother Earth. "I am protecting the
 rainforest" develops to "I am part of the rainforest protecting my-
self. I am the part of the rainforest recently emerged into
thinking. "What a relief then! The thousands of years
of imagined separation are over and we begin
to recall our true nature."

-John Seed
This beautiful collection of Ecosattva cards consists of sixteen cards,
which are 4.25 x 5.5" in diameter and come in a 4.75 x 6.5" envelope.
They can be used as altar cards or  sent as postcards.  These cards
are not sold individually it's sold as a set.

The set sells for $9.95 plus $5.90 postage.
Discounts are available for more than ten sets~
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