Wood, Stone & Stained Glass

Throughout the sanctuary you will see details of Rashani’s passion for beauty, shibui and functionalism. She loves building & landscaping and interweaving wood with stone when possible. She has designed and built most of the structures on the land, including her house, which took eighteen months. She has been lovingly assisted by her son and niece, numerous friends, WWOOFERS & retreatants from many parts of the world and a few local carpenters.  She has also made several stained glass windows, three of which are in her home.

Between 1974 (during my first pregnancy) and 1988, six years after my mother’s death, several profound dreams came to me. In three of the most vivid dreams I experienced unconditioned presence, also referred to as non-dual awareness. The dream I had in 1988 was so vibrantly alive that I made a stained glass window the following day: a white dove descending from the sky and a black raven ascending from the earth. They merge in a radiant golden light, then vanish. By becoming one another they enter the unknowable as oneness. These koan-like dreams have guided my life in many ways.



"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani