Welcome to The Feast

Since a young age, Rashani Réa has had a unique way of touching the lives of many people. In Welcome to The Feast, she gathers inspiring thoughts and wisdom and several of these collages were designed during her personal “dark night of the soul” when life brought her literally to her knees. During this time she discovered the jewels within the broken-open heart. Known mostly as an artist and dharma teacher, Réa shares in this book one of her many not-yet-published poems, “Welcome to The Feast.” An invitation to welcome all of who we are, this poem shows the depth of Réa’s understanding and the great compassion with which she lives. The theme is clear: it is not by transcending our experience but by a willingness to meet it directly, without resistance, and embracing it deeply and completely, that we are reminded of our essential wholeness and the interconnectedness of all that is.

Welcome to The Feast invites us into the realm of oneness, where we have an opportunity to clearly distinguish between illusion and reality. The power of these collages brings us closer to our unfragmentable wholeness, helping us understand the complexities of our existence and the intricate realities presented in the world we live in. These works of art, with superb words from a wide variety of teachers, poets and mystics, carry us into a different experience—thus, giving us the chance to appreciate ourselves and providing us with ease as we discover and integrate the aspects of our humanness that our culture has labelled as “negative” with the radiance of our essential Self.

Welcome to The Feast is an invitation to a celebration of life, of richness, fullness and joy.

Rashani’s art, writing, and propagation of others’ wisdom churns and excites our own creative process, supporting the world we are currently weaving where our creativity unifies our hearts in authentic feeling.


Aureya Magdalen, MetaSkills teacher and writer

This gorgeous book offers us a marvelous opportunity to see the evolving of a gifted artist, over a span of twenty years. And to witness how Rashani Réa transforms not only her own suffering, but also that of others, into gold.


Michael McKenzie, Dharma teacher and artist
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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani