The Way Moonlight Touches

“Art and writing have a marvelous way of allowing us to tap into the deeper, hidden realms of the unknown and to reconnect us with the unconditioned mind, which is abiding peacefully within us at all times.” Author Rashani Réa echoes her own words as she invites us to express ourselves through creativity with a collection of collages, journal entries, and a poem in The Way Moonlight Touches.

This book consists of pages from a journal that the author kept in 1983 and a collage-poem which she also wrote the same year. Transforming anguish into creativity and color, Réa offers a glimpse of her grief during that time, eight months after her mother passed away. Today, twenty-six years later, she decides to publish parts of her journal and share particular collages, which were part of her own healing process as an offering of gratitude.

For a dear friend who reached through the veils of her grief and reminded her of the preciousness of life and love, she dedicates the poem “The Way Moonlight Touches”.

Once again, Rashani shares her inner sanctum and invites us to find and express the deep and unique truth of who we are, bubbling up from the dark dreams of our broken-open hearts.


Jennifer Bonadio, yoga teacher

From her deepest undoing Rashani has found the key to the door of liberation. Through her ability to transform pain into art, she has created a visual nectar that our souls crave.

Cassandra Wylie, LCSW

Be inspired to delve deeper than your emotions and find refuge in your creativity in The Way Moonlight Touches.

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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani