The Unfurling of an Artist

At the age of seventeen, five years after the death of her brother, Rashani Réa turned her grief into creativity. Her impassioned curiosity about the creative process inspired her to gather a unique collection of quotations, which she hand-lettered and beautifully enriched with colorful collages. This book was originally made for a highschool English project in 1970 and now, 39 years later, is offered to the world!

The Unfurling of an Artist  is an awe-inspiring collection of hand-lettered quotations and colorful collages that expound on the many façets of art to answer the main question, “Why does man create?” Réa demonstrates her calligraphic ability as well as her budding talent in art with colorful abstractionisms of circular shapes and arcs that are the finishing touches to each piece.

This abundant reservoir of inspiration for the mind and imagination has blossomed through the decades to become a stirring collection of greeting cards known and loved throughout the world.

This wonderful book rings with great truth; by exposing children to art at a young age, nurturing their creative curiosity and interests makes for a more well-rounded and compassionate human being. How lucky Rashani was to have the gift of this creative upbringing. It has served her well throughout, bringing success into the wonderful artistic life she has created for all to enjoy.


Ira Ono, Artist

Be it the result of nature, here is an example of the creativity that dwells within and was given a voice at a young age. The beautiful collages and quotations are a reflection of Rashani’s soul and her future. As she was driven to create this book at age seventeen, she has grounded these ideals to now share at every level, practical love and tools to advance conscious awareness and deepen personal responsibility. She has cultivated her art / message into a living voyage that takes us deep into our creative DNA. Rashani’s book is an inspiration to own, nurture and expand our own creativity no matter how young or old we are now.


Claudia Suen, Suen Graphics
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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani