My Bird Has Come Home

Réa has inspired and affected many lives with her prolific creations that spring from the depth of her heart and the subtleness of her thoughts. My Bird Has Come Home is Rashani Réa’s first delightful book.

Created when she was eight, nine and ten years old, My Bird Has Come Home reminds us of the ordinary miracles of life. It invites us to remember the greatest gifts that we often overlook in our busy, hurried lives. This book brings us to the world seen through the eyes of a child —so beautiful in its simplicity— consecrated and endless. Each page is embedded with delight and beauty. The introduction is written by Robin Toews, Rashani’s fourth grade teacher, who remains a dear friend forty-eight years later.

This precious book reminds us to honor the flight of birds, falling leaves, and the “drowsy caterpillar” as the profound miracles that they are.

May every library of every English speaking school obtain a copy of this sweet and inspiring book! Children need to be reminded to see the beauty in nature and to deepen their relationship with ordinary miracles.


Mabel Wilson, public school librarian

I remember growing up with my childhood friend, Rashani, exploring and discovering nature together. She also was encouraged to seriously explore her creative gifts for poetry and art. As a school administrator for seventeen years in public and independent schools, I wish every child were given the time and encouragement to observe and interpret his or her world the same way. Rashani’s book of illustrated poems can inspire children, teachers and schools to establish the environment for artistic discovery and expression.


Wendy Feltham, elementary school principal
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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani