Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight?

This inspired work of author and artist, Rashani Réa offers a multi-cultural wisdom to many people. Is The Bowl Empty or Is It Filled with Moonlight? is an exquisite work of art that can stir our thoughts beyond what is tangible.

In this unique work, Réa imparts with us a series of wonderful moments, significant journal entries that bring us to a unique understanding and contemplative poems that allow us to have a glimpse into the book’s context and meaning. Inspired by the author’s immersion in nondual traditions, her love of the Bodhi leaf, and her encounters with contemporary poets and teachers, this book is an expression of Réa’s profound gratitude for life and an invitation to touch the true nature of our existence. We are reminded that what we are searching for is none other than what we are!

These particular collages are like thresholds into timeless wisdom, where we have the opportunity to go beyond our conditioned mind and enter effortlessly into the realm of natural great peace.

In these beautiful, wisdom-drenched pages, the intertwining of image with word evokes a contemplative mood joining serenity to wakefulness. Read these leaves of Bodhi, let them fall and flutter where they may, inviting you and me into a marvelous, unconditioned presence where the strife between trouble and ease dissolves in a swish of inspired thoughts and enraptured non-thought.


Ken Bradford, PhD., Licensed Existential-Contemplative Psychologist


This unique book conveys the heart-opening wisdom that the Bodhi leaf carries and interweaves, inspiring quotations from 11th century Milarepa to contemporary poets and teachers. These pages invite the viewer into a direct experience of the brilliant radiance of truth.


Sahra Aschenbach, Pathwork Teacher

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"There is only love. All else, repeating stories exhausting themselves."      - Rashani