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creativity is a continuous self-emptying experience through which the state of "wishlessness" is
mysteriously born. (in other words, nothing needs to be any different than it is. there is nothing
to seek or find, nothing to regret, resist or avoid...) there is no findable "artist" creating a collage. 
there is simply perceiving and collaging occurring. 


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Reggie Ray

"Dharma is not about credentials.
It’s not about how many practices you’ve done, or
how peaceful you can make your mind. It’s not about
being in a community where you feel safe or enjoying
the cachet of being a 'Buddhist.' It’s not even about
accumulating teachings, empowerments, or ‘spiritual
accomplishments.’ It’s about how naked you’re willing
to be with your own life, and how much you’re
willing to let go of your masks and your armor
and live as a completely exposed, undefended
and open human person."

F/Ray-1 Folding Card w/envelope (5x7) - $3.50 each


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